Molly Debiak Stackable Rings

A few months ago I came across Molly Debiak on Instagram. Molly is a jewelry maker based out of Ballard in Seattle and is trained in metal fabrication, wax casting, and diamond setting. She began her own business, crafting gorgeous one-of-a-kind precious metals for fingers, wrists, necks, and ears. Scrolling through her feed I instantly fell in love with her work and wanted every single one of her pieces (and I mean every. single. one.) 

Pretty dainty rings are just about my favorite everyday accessory. I can spend hours scrolling through Pinterest fantasizing over the perfect hand of delicate adornments. The problem I often face is knowing where to find these dream pieces or finding affordable unique jewelry that fits seamlessly with my everyday style and aren't cheesy or tacky. 

What I absolutely love about Molly's jewelry is that they are hand made and therefore every piece is unique and special. Her eye for design is impeccable and her ability to give fine metals an organically raw feel makes them second to none. All her pieces flow and compliment each other, allowing for endless ways to mix and match the stackable rings. 

I began my stack with bar ring in brass and the cuff ring in sterling silver. Molly so kindly made them for me and I received them just before leaving to Australia. I've worn them nearly everyday since and constantly catch myself admiring them on my fingers. 

Molly's pieces make an amazing gift for girlfriends, best friends, daughters, sisters, moms, you name it. Christmas is coming soon so if you're still in search for the perfect gift for someone special I highly recommend looking through her site or visiting one of her stockists. It took about six weeks for her to make mine, so if that's the case keep her in mind for birthdays or even Valentines day. 

I'm eager to continue growing my collection of Molly's rings. There will be plenty more posts to come with these gorgeous pieces!


View more of Molly's work here.

Photos by the amazing Athena Grace.

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