Whitehaven in Sabo Skirt

Our last month in Australia was an absolute dream. I recently started going back to school at UW in Seattle and haven’t had time to download the photos from our trip, but there will be a post soon about the most amazing vacation I’ve ever been on! For that reason, I won’t go too into detail in this post.

But I will say, on this vacation we spent one day, of a three day sail boat trip through the Whitsunday Islands, on Whitehaven Beach. This has to be the most amazing beach on the entire planet. The beach is known for having the whitest sand in the world and it feels like powdered sugar…just imagine wiggling your toes in that! and the water is an insanely beautiful crystal clear pool. 

I brought along a dress I got from Sabo Skirt (because when else would I get a better chance to pretend I was a mermaid). I absolutely LOVE this dress. Anything white and lace is a current obsession of mine. I ordered it in a size extra small and it fits perfect, most of there stuff does. I would wear this as both a formal and casual dress, on a date night or just on a nice sunny day.

Before jumping around like a bunch of four year olds in the water, Cj took these lovely photos for me. His photography is my absolute favorite and I love when he gets inspired and excited to shoot.

I also want to mention I am not wearing any makeup (which I was at first very self conscious about) nor did I photoshop any of these photos. Raw natural beauty is true beauty and I hope more of the world learns to accept that. 

Enjoy, xx

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