Young Love in a New City

Imagine spending six months in one of the most beautiful places on earth: falling in love with new cities, exploring the best beaches, eating amazing foods, meeting the nicest of people, and adventuring to your hearts content. The definition of paradise. Now imagine doing it all with your best friend. 

I’ve been home from Australia for just two weeks now and am beginning to question if the last six months of my life ever even happened. Until I look at Cj, everything becomes real again, and all I can do is smile and think of how insanely happy I am for what we got to experience, together. 

Of course it wasn’t all sunshine and happy days, but everyday meant something. Whether it was through discovering our new favorite burger joint, the hours spent arguing due to inevitable differences, sailing through tropical islands, or mending uneasy feelings, everyday we grew as individuals and as a couple.  

Moving out from our parents and taking on a new life all the way on the other side of the world has been the greatest lesson we’ve ever been given. We were forced to live, compromise, and love in ways we otherwise never would have. If any couple is looking for the next step in their relationship, traveling will do wonders.

I am so thankful for this incredibly strong, adventurous, hilarious, and caring man who encourages me to chase my dreams and do what I love and does the same for himself.  

As far as these beautiful photos go...

Isn't it wonderful how small the world seems sometimes? I’ve had so many moments where I’ve been taken back, and thought “wow, this was meant to happen; this MUST be fate.” Meeting Athena Grace was one of those moments.

Athena so kindly hosted Cj and I around Sydney and took the loveliest photos of us while doing it. She has one of the most kindest souls I have ever met and a serious eye for creativity and beauty. Shooting with her was in a way therapeutic and by far the most unique, intimate, and overall amazing shoot I've ever been on.

If ANY couple is EVER looking to capture genuine moments together, I can't express enough this is your girl. Thank you Athena! Cj and I walked away feeling even more in love with each other and with Sydney.