Beauty x Butter London

This weekend in Vancouver, Canada was an absolute dream. I knew Cj and I would be capturing a lot of memories with our cameras so I brought along some of my new favorite beauty products from Butter London with me. 

I previously only knew of Butter London for their super luxe nail polishes. They recently sent me a few of their eye and lip products as well and I have fallen in LOVE. I received both a nude and red lipstick with matching liners and am 'gah gah' over the formulas! The Lucky nude color has become my everyday staple. They are a perfect blend of creamy with a more matte finish and smell amazing. The packaging is also adorable! 

I also received the Double Decker Lashes Mascara and my first impression was complete awe! I was super impressed with the volume and length of my lashes with just one application. After a second coat they almost looked fake and weren't at all clumpy, which was freaking awesome! Later on in the day I did notice black flakes under my eyes and I wasn't sure if that was due to the lack of setting my under eye makeup (which I haven't been doing lately). I will definitely be continuing to use this mascara because it makes my lashes look insanely good but will check back in with you all about the flaking to see if there's something wrong on my behalf. 

As for the nail polish, I couldn't be more thrilled! first of all, I am no bueno at doing my own nails. Butter London has perfected the 'do it yourself' manicure! The brush is shaped to mimic the curve of your nail and makes it super easy and effortless to apply. I also really appreciate the safe and 'good for you' ingredients they use in all their products. To match my nude lips, I've been wearing the Shop Girl Patent Shine. 

You can shop all these products in the links below! I will be featuring individual looks with these products coming soon but I wanted to share my overall impressions in this first post. 

Thanks for the goodies Butter London, You have a new fan!! Xx

Featured: Butter London Double Decker Lashes Mascara, Plush Rush Lip Liner in Red Hot & Sensual Nude, Plush Rush Lipstick in Lucky & Impulsive, Patent Shine 10x Nail Laquer in Shop Girl & Smashing!, Glazen Eye Gloss in Frosted 

Photos By: Cj Pohrman