A November Day in the North Cascades

Forest green, fog, crisp air, muddy shoes, blue water, grey sky, flannels & wool socks, rocky pathways, snow capped mountains, evergreen trees: things I identify with growing up in Washington. After a recent trip with two long time friends, Warren and Giana, I realized it had been way too long since I've adventured out of the city and seen what Washington really has to offer.

I love Seattle and the city vibes, but I crave the moments and places that make me feel most alive, and those are outdoors for me. You know the moments in life that completely dwarf you? Or the places with views your eyes can't simply get enough of? I experienced these while overlooking Diablo Lake for the first time. I was so small and encompassed by so much natural beauty, and for the first time in a long time, I felt perfectly content; a feeling that I too often struggle with reaching.

Spending the entire day with these two people also made me experience something I hadn't in awhile. Warren is my longest friend and was my brother's childhood best friend. Since my brother became sick, Warren has been really the only friend that stuck by his side and continued to care for him. Many times I don't think about my childhood or remember the good times with my brother when he was well, but time with Warren reminds me of these. And Giana is one of younger sister's best friend since 7th grade. Her family was my sister's rock through many of our hard times growing up and I'll forever consider her a second younger sister. These two remind me of where I come from and I'm so thankful to have them still in my life.

Here are a few photos taken by Warren Marshall Photography from our adventure and a little video he put together. I'm absolutely amazed at how talented he is and how far he's come with this passion. And Giana is just effortlessly gorgeous and too much fun to work with. Hope you enjoy! Xx


Check out more of Warren's work and his blog from this day here.

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