The Best Pasta You Will Ever Eat, I Promise!

Having lived in Italy for three months, and having recently travelled back to Europe, I can honestly say the best pasta I have ever eaten is right here in Seattle, Washington. Yes I said Seattle! Don't believe me? Well you'll want to do yourself a favor and just keep reading...

 A little over a year ago, my mom and I were spending an evening doing what we enjoy most: watching the Food Network in our pajamas. Up next was The Best Thing I Ever Atewhich was featuring a series of the best pasta dishes across the U.S. Ringing in at #4 was a little restaurant in Capital Hill called Spinasse. My mom and I watched with wide eyes and salivating mouths as finely cut handmade pasta was tossed in a sea of ragu meat sauce and topped with a blanket of fresh grated parmesan cheese.  It looked too good to be true. Literally 8 minutes later, the two of us were dressed and in the car on our way to try it for ourselves. This moment right here was one of the best food decisions we have ever made. That night we ate three servings of pasta and never looked back.

I have since been back to Spinasse several times and honestly get a little too emotional when I recommend it to others. The restaurant itself is quaint and charming, with perfect moody lighting for an intimate experience. I have tried several dishes from their menu, however the two pastas Tajarin al Ragu and Tajarin Burro e Salvia are an absolute MUST! I can not express myself enough when I say you need to try both. The beef ragu is an incredible pasta dish, but the butter and sage is an out of this world experience. It is the most perfected fusion of texture and flavor and I imagine it served in heaven. Sometimes I think I may be over hyping it, but then I eat it again and there's honestly no way you could over sell it. It's absolute perfection!

I recently went to Spinasse with some girlfriends who I studied abroad with in Italy. We caught up over some wine and Fiore di Zucca Fritti, which are deep-fried marjoram and ricotta stuffed squash blossoms with basil salt. We then made our way into our main course of both Tajarin pastas, and sides of fresh heirloom tomatoes and snap peas. I think I can speak for us all when I say out of all the Italian meals we've shared together, this was one of the best.