Magali Pascal x Gabriel Gastelum

I could think of a million reasons why Sydney is one of the greatest cities in the world; 1. Their fashion 2. killer warehouse sales 3. the most awesome markets with even more awesome fashion.  Cj and I made sure to hit almost every neighborhood's market we could on the weekends. We would devour delicious local treats and spend hours looking through all the amazing art, home goods, and clothing the locals create. One weekend we attended the William Street Festival in Paddington. The street was bustling with food, shopping, and live entertainment. I happened to run into one of my favorite Australian boutiques, Magali Pascal, and noticed they were holding a massive sale for the event. I obviously had to take advantage of this opportunity. One of the first pieces that jumped out at me was this unique and intricate white lace dress. The back is what completely sold me on it. 

A few weeks later I met up with the AMAZING Gabriel Gastelum for an afternoon photo shoot up by the Sydney Opera House, and obviously had to wear this dress. A mutual friend of ours set us up to shoot together and it was pure magic. He's a photographer based out of California and was spending the month traveling Australia. Gabriel has shot with several well known faces in Hollywood and works with many well established Youtubers, so I was flattered when he asked to shoot! His work is stunning, but what makes him such an awesome person to work with is his hilarious personality and fascinating experiences. He's definitely one to look out for!

Here are some photos from our shoot. Enjoy!

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