Becoming a Yoga Teacher

I've completed my first week of Hatha training and am one week closer to becoming a Hot Yoga Teacher! I've decided to share a weekly blog post documenting my journey through training and sharing what I learn along the way. In this first post, I want to start with the basics and talk about what teacher training includes and why I decided to do it. 

As many of you know, I graduated from the University of Washington with a Marketing degree a little over a year ago now. I tried the corporate route and decided a desk job was the last thing I wanted for myself. I found it mentally, physically, emotionally, and creatively draining. I started practicing yoga consistently during this time, to prevent getting secretary booty (lol), and ended up experiencing a lot more self growth. I became physically healthier in a way that was mentally healing. I also began living a more conscious, clean, and minimal lifestyle.

People say "listen to your body" but that advice didn't resonate with me until I began yoga. Yoga is so much more than a physical activity; it really is a lifestyle. In this last year since practicing yoga, I became more aware of my gut feelings and actually started listening to them - without hesitation. I honestly believe those gut feelings are what gave me the freedom to turn down job opportunities that paid well but didn't feel right; they are what gave me the courage to quit my job and travel throughout Europe; they're what give me the strength to pursue for my passions, even while living in this fast paced world that demands so much of us. 

I walked into my yoga studio one day a few months ago and noticed a poster announcing this years Fall Hatha Teacher Training program; it read, "The Best Job in the World." I sat there waiting for the last class to end and stared at the poster reading it over in my head. I've been a dancer my whole life and now a newly committed yogi. Both these forms of self expression have saved me and made me who I am - so I decided in that moment that I wanted to become a teacher and help others in the way I was. 

I want to share more details about the training incase you too are interested in getting certified. I am doing my 200 hour training through my favorite studio, Hot Yoga Inc. The training is every Saturday and Sunday from 8am-5pm in Covington, Washington for the next 8 weeks. During those days we begin with a morning mediation (I'm finally seeing the power in mediation and will be sharing a separate blog post all about it soon), we take 2 hot Hatha yoga classes, we have a posture clinic, and we spend a few hours learning about a different subject regarding yoga (the history, the anatomy, the philosophy etc.). During the week, we are expected to take 4 more classes and observe 2 Hatha classes. We are also required to study our dialogue for the postures we cover in class that week, complete a weekly human anatomy course online, and any additional homework assignments for the week. 

Since I currently only babysit one day a week, this work load is super manageable. However, for someone working full time this can seem like a bit much. Becoming a yoga teacher is an investment of your time and money and should be taken seriously - just as you would take a college course. I recommend learning what is expected and required of you prior to signing up in order to make adjustments to your work and life activities during those weeks of training. 

In my next posts, I think it would be fun to share and reflect on what I've learned during the week with all of you! If you are interested in learning more about yoga, how to prepare for training, growing your practice, and more then be sure to subscribe to my blog! 


If you are new to yoga and interested in trying out Hot Yoga Inc, enjoy 10 classes for only $10 (that's only $1 a class!). You can sign up HERE