My First Experience with Lip Injections


For a girl who's too scared to get her ears pierced, and would never even consider a tattoo, it's crazy to think I'm here sharing all about my recent experience with lip injections! A full pout was something I always desired, but was fine simply using a little lip liner to achieve the illusion of fuller lips. That is, until I came across an Instagram account that changed my life!

Alas Kylie Jenner lips are achievable for the rest of us thanks to the talented woman behind the Instagram account, @facebypinky. Pinky is an aesthetic nurse at Skin Spirit Spa that is perfecting pouts across Seattle and the West Coast. Take a look at her before and after photos and you will quickly see why she is the best.

I love how subtly Pinky enhances lips and how she maintains the overall natural shape, which attracted me most to her work. If her talent doesn't impress you enough, then meeting her in person will. She makes being a beautiful AND smart woman look effortless. So, after years of curiosity, and weeks of serious contemplation, I knew lip fillers were something I wanted to try and Pinky was the girl I wanted to do them! 

It's been almost a week since my appointment, and I am BEYOND happy with my results. I haven't stopped smiling since and I've had so much more fun playing with lipsticks and glosses. I love how my lips now add more definition to the bottom half of my face and add a bit more femininity to my look. Lips are all beautiful no matter what shape or size, but these new full lips feel more me! When it comes to money, I tend to have commitment issues, but I can tell you now that I'm hooked for life and already anticipating my next visit with Pinky! 


Below are shots taken directly before and after the Juvederm procedure. The first thing I noticed was how much more balanced my facial features appear in the "After" photos. I also LOVE that when I smile now my upper lip is larger and shows, whereas it used to curl under and disappear. 

To share more in depth about my experience, I decided to put together a short video! I received a lot of interest over my social pages and was asked several questions regarding the cost and pain. Check out the video below to watch all about it! 

If you are interested in learning more, you can schedule a consultation appointment with Pinky at Skin Spirit in University Village. Be sure to check out her Instagram account at @facebypinky and give her a follow!

I am SO excited with my results and can't thank Pinky enough! If you have any questions for me directly, please feel free to reach out. Also, be sure to mention my name when you book your appointment to receive 15% off your first service!