Sundays in Jag Jeans

Hello my people! It's been about awhile since my last post and I can't even begin to fill you in with all the newness in my life. Actually there's not a lot new... but I did recently get a job! Yesterday was my first day in 2 months that I had the opportunity to break away from nonstop chaos and finally get caught up on doing what I love: chatting with you all! 

So now that I am getting back into the swing of blogging, I wanted to kick it off by talking about something we all love: Jeans! Give a woman the right pair of jeans and she can conquer the world. Am I right? Denim is a staple in my life and finding a pair that are comfortable, high quality, and don't make my wallet cry is something few and far between for me. I recently got in touch with Jag Jeans, who make quality jeans for a killer deal, and couldn't wait to share them with you all! 

"Jag Jeans contour to their waist, flatter the hips and thighs, and provide ample coverage in the back. At Jag, they remain committed to the highest quality standards in fabric, workmanship, and long wearing comfort."

You may recognize the name through big retailers like Nordstrom and Amazon. I received a package from them a few weeks back and was so impressed with how soft their material felt. When I slip these babies on, I feel comfortable and confident, and what more could you ask for. The quality and comfort reminds me of my favorite Madewell Jeans, and at half the retail price as Madewell, they may even be my new go to. Being from Seattle, you also can't go wrong with their selection of cute flannel tunics!

You can check out their website HERE, and be sure to let me know which styles are your favorite! I'm trying to decide which ones I should try next :). Xx

Wearing: Jag Jeans Top & Jeans

Photos By: Lexy Bach