Venice: What I Wore

I am finally ready to share more photos from our time in Europe! Cj and I started our trip in Paris and then made our way to London, Germany, Italy, and Barcelona - in that order. Since summer is drawing to a close, I wanted to start by sharing some of our photos from Italy first, since they are most summer related. Our first stop in Italy was Milan. We spent just a day there, wondering around aimlessly and enjoying our first bites of Italian food. We then caught a train to Venice, where we fell in love and booked an extra night in our hotel to explore more of the city. I spent our first day roaming the city in this simple gingham slip dress. I had to pack for 5 weeks in one tiny carry-on suit case so this dress was well loved during our trip. I absolutely love gingham and the back details made this dress a winner. I have since worn it tucked into jeans (as a top) and with a white tee underneath. 

Also shoutout to my favorite online store for affordable vintage inspired sunnies - Giant Vintage! SO many good finds! 

Stay tuned to read up on my recommendations for Venice in my next post! 


Wearing: Forever21 Dress / Giant Vintage Sunglasses