Flow into Fall with Hot Yoga Inc.

I've been around the block when it comes to exercise, but there's one fitness activity that I can never go without again; and that's Hot Yoga. About a year ago, I began working at the yoga studio down the street from my house and it soon became a second home. I took at least one class, if not two, everyday of the week and spent an additional hour or so stretching in the hot room. I quickly noticed a shift in my physical and emotional life. 


I quit working at Hot Yoga Inc for awhile to pursue another job for a wonderful company downtown Seattle. It was a desk job, however, and it wasn't long before my hips, back, and neck were all crying to get out of a chair and move again.


So after taking 7 months off from my membership at Hot Yoga Inc, I am back and here to stay! I just recently came back as an ambassador for the studio and my body and mind are already reaping the benefits after just four classes. 


Hot Yoga Inc has been voted for several years now as the Best in Western Washington by King 5 News. If you're new to or experienced with Hot Yoga, you need to come give this studio a try. They are the hottest studios on the west coast at 110 degrees, and some of the only studios that I've found that use infrared heat. At first, the heat seems like a bit much. But after your first 3-5 classes your body will adapt to the heat and you'll be craving the sweat! 


My Favorite class is Power. I love the quick flow and activation of all my muscles. Sculpt is another one of my go-to classes as I'm always craving a good booty burn! 


I am currently practicing at the Mill Creek location and absolutely love the layout of the studio. The room is filled with large windows, allowing plenty of natural light. The vibes are alive! And now as fall approaches, I am looking forward to stepping out of the hot room after a good long flow and getting hit by the crisp fall air - one of my favorite feelings. 


One of the coolest things about Hot Yoga Inc is their new student special. As a new student, your first 10 classes are only $10! That's only $1 a class! I've never heard of a better deal than that from a fitness studio. You do need to take all 10 classes in a one month period, but that's easy to do.


If you're interested in signing up for the 10 class special, please feel free to reach out with any questions! Like I mentioned, I used to work for Hot Yoga Inc and am experienced when it comes to prepping for class. If you currently a member, let me know what your favorite classes & times are below in the comments and I'd love to join you for a flow!


Wearing: I picked up this adorable set from the the boutique section in the Mill Creek studio, and I am in love! Hot Yoga Inc carries lines such as Alo Yoga (my absolute favorite), Phat Buddah, and All Fenix. This set is such a pretty neutral color for fall and I absolutely love the stretch and comfort. Stop by a for a class soon and treat yourself to something cute in their boutique! 

Peace, love, Namaste.